Our work

Our fundamental pillars are: Software Factory, Consulting and Solutions.

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1. Software Factory

We are experts creating software solutions. We carry out different projects, using agile methodologies, ensuring the highest standards of quality, usability and design.

Being a multidisciplinary team allows us to efficiently manage the human capital and financial resources necessary to execute projects. We operate in the exclusive world of Microsoft and Open Source, programming with languages such as PHP, MySQL.


Versatility and ability to adapt to industries, their requirements and operation, integrating human capital with experience and knowledge in the business.


Provide comprehensive solutions for different customer profiles.

Scope of work

The Software Factory has two work schemes:

They are multifunctional teams, which break with the silo scheme, and facilitate interdependence and work flow between different team roles. Ideal for highly complex projects.

Our professionals are internal extensions of the client's work teams. They have a great capacity for analysis and management, which allows them to quickly understand the business and get involved in the customer's need, and then mold it and translate it into programming language.


Microsoft .Net, SqlServer, Sharepoint, Java, Php, Mariadb, MySql, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Android, iOS, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native.

QlikView, QlikSense, Microsoft Business Intelligence, Pentaho.

Blockchain Hyperledger, Fabric, Machine Learning, BigData.

2. Consulting IT

We look for specialized professionals and highly productive work teams to carry out tasks in companies, locally, in their offices or remotely.

The objective is to find professional profiles that suit the needs of each client, optimize the direction of their business, add value to management and increase the profitability of the company.

3. Solution

We have developed a large number of "turnkey" products for different industries and types of customers. ERP, CRM, Collection Systems, Telemetry.